Dublin Style: How to Dress Like a Dubliner


Dublino non è di certo una delle prime città che ci balza in mente quando si parla di alta moda. In alcune zone d’Irlanda si può infatti avere spesso la sensazione che conti molto di più l’essere dell’apparire, la forma più della sostanza. Eppure la moda esiste anche sull’Isola di Smeraldo, soprattutto tra le vie cosmopolite e frizzanti della capitale, sulle quali ci si può letteralmente perdere in un mondo “all’ultimo grido“. Ecco un interessante digressione in inglese sul mondo della moda e dello stile… da veri Dubliners!


Fashion varies from city to city and country to country, and what’s trendy and stylish in one region, may not be a hit in another. You’ve probably noticed some differences in fashion trends while walking through the streets of Dublin or when hanging out in the city’s many cafes and pubs, and, though you’re from the country that is home to Milan, the fashion capital of the world, you can still learn a lot about fashion trends just by strolling around Dublin.

Like most cities, Dublin has a variety of shopping areas that offer a range of fashion choices. A must for all shoppers is the central shopping district running from O’Connell Street to Grafton Street where you’ll find some of Ireland’s premier concentrated and specialty shops. For those who prefer shopping centres and malls, there are many outside of the city in the suburbs. These shopping centres and malls are full of high-street stores, department chains, and individual specialty shops. While there are plenty of places to shop, figuring out what to wear can be more of a challenge. Want to see what fashions Dubliners are wearing? Here are a few of the current fashions trending in Dublin.

Dublin’s Street Scene

The streets of Dublin are teeming with trendsetters, making them the ideal location for spotting stylish Dubliners. Plaid or patterned coats, scarves, and even pants are popular with everyone from students on a tight budget to fashion Dublin hipsters. Although bright, bold colours are going to be big this spring/summer, black still rules Dublin’s streets. Leather jackets and boots in classic black are a mainstay with Dublin’s cool set. Embellishments such as colourful or printed scarves and jewellry liven up the black-on-black look. Naturally, with the dismal Dublin weather, outerwear like trenches and adorable wellington rain boots are a staple in any fashionista’s wardrobe. Today’s trenches are no longer just beige or khaki&emdash;brilliant reds and oranges, dark blues, and prints are just some of the favoured designs trending in Dublin. Wellies have also been updated to include new colours, prints, and patterns. Whether t
ucked into leggings or worn with a lovely dress from M&S, wellington boots are essential for living and playing in Dublin.

Dublin Party Wear

Whether you’re headed to a disco to dance, a dinner party with some close friends, or chilling out at a pub, looking fashionable when the sun goes down in Dublin is a must. Like most major European cities, Dublin becomes alive at night and so does its residents. Dubliners love dressing up and wearing the latest fashion trends, and, no matter the occasion, they can be seen in the most stylish outfits. Mini dresses paired with funky tights and sky-high pumps, button-down dress shirts in hip prints and unique patterns, and skinny or straight-legged pants in an array of colours are only a few of the fabulous fashions that can be seen on Dublin’s chic elite.


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